The online casino platform may be a complete solution for managing any gaming business across multiple channels and products. Features include player account management, payment processing, bonusing, loyalty programs, fraud and risk prevention, game management that has a recommendation engine, and powerful analytics. the web casino platform enables easy seamless integrations with various game and betting providers and features a standard player wallet. That way all player activity and money is kept in one place – regardless of what product they prefer to play. the entire platform is modularly built and may be deployed individually. Player acquisition and retention functionality is packaged into iCore Engage that gives channel- and gaming platform-independent player personalization, loyalty awards, and bonusing features. With the assistance of Comtrade’s innovative solutions, operators can use fresh new approaches for rewarding and maximizing a player’s lifetime value.

iCore isn’t just another online casino platform. It can centrally manage multiple products and suppliers, and sportsbook and betting software support are not any exception. Operators are ready to perform rich player segmentation supported sportsbook play and events so as to supply a more tailored bonusing and messaging campaigns with the newest version.

As an omni-channel platform, iCore is capable of tailoring the channel player experience, and therefore the majority of the features are built with mobile and tablet in mind. This reflects in various features starting from specific mobile portal player account dashboards to a mobile game offering engine which speeds-up the login to game play time.

Online casino software brings many benefits that in-house game development does not. It gives access to a broad base of games by licensing them from different developers. Such access to a wide diversity of games attracts more gamblers to your platform.

Casino businesses can also get more exciting and preferred games with branded elements such as film stars, popular computer games, etc.

By integrating several casinos, software providers can provide higher jackpot opportunities, which drive a massive influx of customers to your business.

Play River Slot online casino software gives access to modern and engaging games to game enthusiasts all over the world. Our cutting edge software has a straightforward user interface with easy navigation, which is suitable for gamers of all age ranges. Whether your customers are newbies or experienced high rollers, they will enjoy high-quality gambling experience in your platform with the service of Play River Slot. Our team handpicks the most exciting and latest games with smart bonus schemes for your clients to maximize your profits.

For us, the privacy and safety of your customers come first. We dedicate much efforts and time to find the most secure ways of protecting transactions and user details. Our team also tests each game to ensure their fairness.

Engage your clients with attractive graphics of modern games
Maximize time spent by betting with easy setup and simple navigation
Build trust through cutting-edge security protection methods
Get help from friendly support team 24/7
Motivate players with cashback and bonus schemes
Provide premium gaming experience and ensure customer satisfaction
Boost profits with a high volume of gamblers on your casino

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