If you were enrolled between October 1, 2012, and New Year’s Eve , 2016, and had outstanding debts with the university itself, these debts should automatically be forgiven. But if you’ve got taken out student loans for University of Phoenix classes, either federal or private, the settlement doesn’t cover these loans.

Students who are residents of Texas or California that were misled by the University of Phoenix’s alleged false advertising regarding job opportunities for graduates, and didn’t get employment in their field after graduation, could also be ready to join a category action lawsuit investigation.

Filing a lawsuit are often a frightening prospect, so premium Actions has laid the groundwork for you by connecting you with an experienced attorney. Consulting an attorney can assist you determine if you’ve got a claim, navigate the complexities of litigation, and maximize your potential compensation. If you’re a Texas or California resident and were misled by University of Phoenix’s representations about job prospects, and didn’t get employment in your field of study after graduation, you’ll be eligible to hitch a FREE University of Phoenix lawsuit investigation.

The FTC’s lawsuit additionally alleged that the University of Phoenix campaign also gave the misunderstanding to prospective students that the varsity worked with these and other companies to develop curriculum, creating specific courses at the University for college kids to require that might prepare them for the roles that were expecting them at these companies.

In one among these ads, logos of major companies appear on the screen as a narrator says, “at University of Phoenix, we’re working with a growing list of just about 2,000 corporate partners, companies like Microsoft, American Red Cross , and Adobe, to make options for you.” The campaign ran from late 2012 to early 2014, during the amount when the varsity was still owned by Apollo Education, before both were purchased by private investors in 2016.

In conclusion, receiving student loan forgiveness is possible considering all situations with the University of Phoenix lawsuit and student loan crisis.

Luckily, you have the chance to get a forgiveness benefit and a refund as well. Federal student loan forgiveness programs such as Borrower Defense to Repayment allows the borrowers to eliminate their student loans. You can follow our guide to learn about the eligibility requirements and application process in 2021 to get forgiveness for your student loans.

The primary reason for making you eligible for this discharge is the fraudulent activities that the University of Phoenix performed against you. After you get the full information about the class action lawsuit and settlements against the University of Phoenix, now apply to the program, prove your claim, and get the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness.

What Other Options do I have for Phoenix Univeristy Debt Relief?
If you did not benefit from the University of Phoenix class-action lawsuit, you still have some options to reduce the debt burden. Borrowers’ Defense to Repayment is one option that can partially or fully eliminate the debt and refund the paid money. Alternatively, if you have a special case, such as a closed school or disability, you can apply to discharge programs.

What to Do if I am not Eligible for Forgiveness?
Though the University of Phoenix loan forgiveness is a great opportunity, it is not available to all borrowers. You can apply to other federal forgiveness programs, such as discharge or Borrowers’ Defense to Repayment. If you are still not eligible, it is better to give up on ideas like forgiveness and try to make your debt more manageable. Consolidation, refinancing, or federal repayment plans can help decrease the interests so that a debtor can repay the obligation.

Which Cases are Eligible to Borrowers’ Defense?
Cases similar to those claimed in the University of Phoenix lawsuit will make you eligible for the Borrowers’ Defense program. If a school misled you by promising false job opportunities or misinformed you about the cost of education, you could apply to this program to eliminate the debt. In general, only the matters related to education and directed to you can qualify. Personal issues, such as harassment, are not a base for this opportunity.

How Can I Prove a Wrongdoing?
If you want to benefit from the Borrowers’ Defense, the most important factor is proving the school’s misconduct. You can achieve this goal by submitting all documents that can support your claims. Such documents can include email communications, brochures, and other advertising materials, etc. Besides, in your application, clearly explain your ideas and your arguments against the university.

How will I know if My Application is Approved for Borrowers’ Defense to Repayment?
After application, the Department of Education will review the case and notify you about the result. If the notification is made through the mail, you will see the decision and reasons in case of rejection. In case of approval, you will see how much debt is eliminated. Even great, if you have not received the University of Phoenix Student Loan Refund, you can get a refund through this program.


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