Hell won’t be the place you’d wish to visit in real world (or rather after-life) but you would possibly change your mind seeing what Everi’s Jackpot inferno slot has got to offer. This hot little number may be a 5 reel and 50 payline game with a variety of unique special features, including no but 8 progressive jackpots. it had been initially available at brick-and-mortar casinos in cabinets with integrated touchscreens, and afterward replicated as a web slot to become accessible by just about any player willing to offer it a try.

Symbol line-up consists of traditional images like lemons, cherries and yellow, blue, green and red 7s, the latter assail fire to suit in with the theme. instead of use generic card icons to facilitate low-value wins, Everi has provided crown and heart-shaped gems along side the aforementioned fruits. Symbol labelled Wild appears 20-position high and helps by replacing any of the above.

Since paylines are fixed, the sole decision you would like to form is said to the dimensions of your bet. Coin value starts at $0.01 and one can invest a maximum of 20,000 credits per line, thus wagering 1,000,000 credits per round. Max button has been included for the advantage of brave-hearted ones able to risk large amounts of money . Everi adds Autoplay function by default and lets players choose the amount of automatic spins ranging between 10 and 200.

Progressive Inferno Slot Machines
Usually, more players tend to progressive slots because of the increase of jackpots. The jackpot increases every time a player makes a bet until another player wins. During that moment, the progressive jackpot resets to the initial value and begins accumulating again.

However, as the jackpots get high, there’s a small chance that you’ll land on it. It’s part of the game developer’s strategies. If it’s considerable, you barely land on a jackpot unless the amount is small.

Slots Inferno
Even though it has simple game mechanisms, the inferno slots bring in a whole different level of slot gaming. Most players assume that because of the name “Inferno,” it’ll come with different symbols, features, bonuses, etc.

But quite the opposite, the game’s design is simple. It has a retro theme, which is the dominant part of the slot game. There’s little animation, but it brings you the retro feeling due to its theme and simple fruit symbols design.

A slot game with five pay lines and reels don’t add numerous extra features. However, if you like the old style of mechanical slot machines, inferno slots are the best choice for you. The game design may not be appealing, but the compensation is the high chance of winning a combination.

Instead of fantastic bonuses and animations, you get more opportunities for winning prizes. With the inferno slot, there’s a high possibility of you winning real cash prizes. Take cherries, for example, the lowest-paid symbol. With just two lands on them, you’ll get your bet backed.

With five plums or cherries, your bet will be multiplied by 40 if it lands on oranges. If that’s not much for you, other symbols such as grapes and bells, can increase your bet 100x. Get five stars aligned, and you’re hitting 2,000x.

Inferno Slot Bonuses
As stated earlier, inferno slots don’t offer numerous bonuses due to their basic slot system. It’s not possible to acquire scorching bonuses and free spins. However, online casino software does offer a few bonus features such as crown jewels.

The crown jewel is typically a scatter symbol. When you see them in any reels, you’ll be awarded in different amounts. For example, four crown jewels will multiply your wager by ten times; five will be 50 times, etc.

There’s also the risk game factor where your bet is solely based on luck. If you want to turn things up, you can opt for the risk game. There’s an opportunity to guess the color of the card if you land a winning combo. If you guess the card right, you can double your winnings. However, if you guess it wrong, you’ll lose all your winning combos.

Some traditional slots provide magnificent graphics, appealing background, animations of symbols, soft music, and are colorful. It surely can keep you glued for a long time. Interestingly, traditional slots are quite different from inferno slots.

Inferno slots provide only standard symbols, and the play is easy. But it does offer massive payouts, even though it doesn’t have appealing animations. If your concern is in the winning combinations, then inferno slots are preferable.

However, as mentioned earlier, you’re less likely to land on high jackpots. If it’s a low jackpot, you’ll land on them frequently. So it depends on you and what you’re looking for in slot machines or fish games. You can try both of them out and pick the slot that piques your interest.

Regardless of your choice, both traditional and inferno slots offer a thrilling gaming experience, depending on your taste. If you’re a first-time player, you can try out both slots to know which one you prefer.

Inferno slot machines can give you the winnings you want, that is, if your focus is on the cash prize. In all, they both provide amazing gaming experience. And regardless of your reason for playing the slot game, always enjoy the slot.


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